29 June 2008


Goodwind gets in another session today! after all those northerlies in April and May, the recent run of southwesterlies means we've all been able fill our love tanks fit to bust!

thurnham angling society joins us for the day


Alan checks for the Impala for woodworm with a nostalgic tear in his eye

Impala impales nearest planet (some confusion over frequency numbers, allegedly)

look closely and you can see Paul employing the ancient chinese launch technique of 'Poki-tung-owti'

nominated launch man has had enough for the day

hallelujah saint Raymondo!

28 June 2008

the scent of summer!

Yes it's certainly summer, and one of those hot windy days to look back on now the evenings are starting to draw in again.

we considered a BBQ, but once the Erwin had been left in the sun for 5 minutes, we just fried the burgers on its non stick wings instead

Kirk is woken from his sleeping bag by Paul W thinking he's going fast, but he isn't even off the ground yet!

The Croydon Crew start early aided by Alan, but are grounded by a quick hangglider hop. Deryck, Paul and Ray bring up the afternoon shift, followed by Paul, Kirk and Dave. It's certainly hot, and the wind has some west in it.

Dave, fed up with the sink decides to slope soar his new 3 inch racer off his chest

air rats buzz the patch, looking for a Lancashire terrace

The rough, powerful thermals mean flying skills tax that part of the frontal lobe honed for the task. This leaves plenty of time to sit in the clover, and put the world to rights. Good thing Dave brought the slim jims!

remember this when December 21st comes round!

26 June 2008

work time slackers

Plenty of grown up boys playing the dole wag today, blustery winds and good thermals mean they just can't keep away.

Even LGRA are in attendance, lowering their usual South Downs high class, swanky standards to grace us with their presence.

LGRA dog monitors proceedings......

........as they foul the downland with their aeronautical bling

Fly that Fokka!

Mr Fisher kindly finds another slot between business meetings to show us where the lift is, unfortunately we can't all congregate round the end of his aerial!

That unholy trinity....... wind, hill and carbon

24 June 2008

the drugs don't work

4m built up flying wing

what's going to be the weapon of choice today?

100" span, HS522 section, 25deg sweep, 1.5 deg washout

22 June 2008

antique phase

The full size guys put in an appearance, and one of their mini me turns out to be a 37 year old Phase 2, with its symetrical section and built up wing this ancient beastie prooves to be a far better perfomer than the contemporary 'middle phase 2'. Despite the 70s turquoise solar film, bell bottoms and manly long hair are not part of the flying get-up.

The wind is a fine 25-30mph, but this doesn't stop the Gryphon taking to the air either. Many of the usual suspects turn up at the slope, several whose names can't be recalled. Paul's pss 'git' stuffs its back end (again) due to shoddy servo and linkages, a good dose of thick zap gets it flying though.

21 June 2008

longest day

That fabled celebration in the soaring calender draws a crowd to the wind swept slope at Detling, too many unknown, unknowns arrive to be mentioned, but Vaughn, Ray, Mick, brother of Mick, dog of brother of Mick and may others arrive to enjoy a good toss into the wind.

Mr Gibson prepares his wild thing for a good hard toss


the wind doth bloweth from a slight southery tilt, but the uppage is good tho with many a bump!

a wide range of gravity deft implements are thrust forth, all perform with greatness of duration, even the thing of Ray hovers aloft for many a minute

cutting of the edge

The ritual is passed to those of foreign land whom hath encompassed within the ring!
..Wy wyrabiacie moje serce śpiewać

The search for a virgin is given up before it is even started, in such close proximity to Maidstone, such a hunt is futile

other temptations of the flesh come to light!

and if all else fails.....

one man and his dog!

20 June 2008

cheapy scale

Mr Fisher trys to squeeze one out in a vain attempt to add to the thermal activity

Mr Fisher puts in his annual appearance at the slope and test flys his CM Pro Discus, this involves a load of filthy mouthed, post watershed expletives as the wings flex beyond scale like tollerances-but what do you expect for 70 quid?

desperation at Sheppy

late post....last week after lack of any sloping activity Goodwind, Dave, Paul and Deryck make a desperate bid for a hit of hill induced liftage and venture onto the isle.

Dave and Paul reveal the fruit of their labours, whilst Deryck (no namby pamby) makes straight for the 'wrecker' and gives his fox what for, whilst Paul looks for a companion for his quiff.

They leave chilled by a north wind that was just slightly off slope enough to completely 'piss one off'.

18 June 2008

brass monkies

an escape from work reveals manly hill side exposure to the stiff breeze, the brothers grim feel there's no need for trousers when thrashing the blade!

goodwinds finally!

deryck's fox

glorious grass

Dave gives it some..

fox and sock

wishing for more of the same

After a many month hiatus, the wind comes good for first proper session on the season epic turn out of punters. Morning shift comprising Alan, a.n other, a.n other, the Duke, and a.n other whose name escapes.

Afternoon is graced by Paul, Colin, a.n other other, Ray, Matt, Alex. Evening arrivals, Deryck, Kirk, Dave, Woody.
Paragliders spend a day sitting and waiting for the wind to drop, Colin launched his repaired blade with aerial down and is now ready for repair again. Dave lets Paul crash his new pss model. Conditions bumpy, but good blow with rough thermals. The grass is long, the wind is on and life is good!