27 November 2008

the brink

There's some hardy fools on the hill today. Colin and Alan are early starters and enjoy the moderate conditions and dodge a shower. As the day progresses, things pick up...

good launch poise from Steve

The afternoon brings Paul, Bearsted man, Steve, Roger and Ray. Angry skys and angrier winds provide dramatic conditions and superb lift that doesn't get blown out.

Hefty blasts between the cloud banks

Steve coaxes out the sun for us

It's only about 3 weeks to the shortest day, so before we know it we'll be languishing in the clover and moaning about how hot it is.....bring it on Saint Slacker!

26 November 2008

what used to be

Remember the summer? Here's some shots from Deryck at sunny Walton on the Naze, Essex's answer to Minster.

Recall what it's like to float about on a warm breeze, bird song in the air and blue sky....makes the whole thing worth doing after all!

sea breeze

warm sun


long dry grass

24 November 2008

just say no!

ears yet to reach full maturity

1989 and Paul's second ever build- a Sonata (no...the power pod wasn't a success). 'Don't worry you'll be able to give it up any time you want!' said the vendor.

any more photos of interest out there?

17 November 2008

strictly come sloping

Deryck saves the day and provides a good spread of fotos from Saturday. Despite the westerly forecast there's good lift in the moderate wind. The cows have been moved on, so pats shouldn't be an issue for much longer.

Paul films every square foot of the field in the hunt for his missing camera

We're blessed with a bit of sun, but by about 1.30 it's mostly overcast, but there's still buoyant little pockets of air popping off.

Deryck's Toplight is superb in the mid range conditions of the day

Paul gives up the hunt, and has a fly, gayboy fins resplendent

Eric chucks off

Deryck captures Paul launching, more here http://www.vimeo.com/2252930

Eventually it backs round to WNW but by then we're cold, hungry and ready to head home and rub those crusty trails from the outer corners of our eyes.

Until next time.....keeeeeeeeeeep sloping!

16 November 2008

a week in november

a short short from the past week...

many thanks to Deryck for the air to air footage

15 November 2008


we are tyring to resolve the current lack of camera situation, normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, thank you for bearing with us...

interrupted proceedings

The goodwind camera has gone missing, last seen on Thursday at about midday. Paul left his belongings unattended whilst assisting with cattle herding, so the camera either went AWOL then, or he's dropped it on the field somewhere, or hidden it from himself at home.

Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible, thank you for your patience.

the more observant among you will notice the stem unit for the flash forms the basis for Darth Vader's light sabre (I kid you not)

07 November 2008

keeping winter...

What a glorious afternoon!, this mornings rain clears as forecast and gives way to buoyant conditions and a warm sun. It's one of those afternoons to savour as the dark, cold days of winter draw near.

Duke maidens his new floater

I good turn out stays till sunset, it's lovely conditions for the paragliders as well and they get a reasonable session in, but with a rapid temperature drop as the sun nears the horizon, they head for the pub.

the evening damp creeps up Alan's jeans

T'Other Paul looking like someone else!

push the play button below to see some of the action

05 November 2008

mick cam

Our mutual friend takes no prisoners as he straps his
new hi-def handi cam onto his Easy Star.

We had a good try at getting some air to air shots
but it's bloomin' tricky!

click here for Mick's movie

03 November 2008

old skool slopin'

Some hill-side action from the early nineties, look out for a few familiar faces along the way! Thanks to Dave for supplying the VHS cassette.

The flying starts out with a low key comp from an Easter weekend at Holly Hill. It's a shame that Holly has become so over grown, it is now only just about flyable even with an 'up the slope' landing. The hill provides superb lift from a south round to a south east wind.

There's also a few sessions at Hollingbourne... a site that is now, sadly, out of bounds.

This era is probably just before the appearence of the first commercial, fully moulded models.