28 July 2009

a classic!

What a splendid weekend!, glorious sun, wind and lift. Thanks to Rob and Deryck for the fotos.

'I'll just bung this one, then I'm off to Wrotham'

wrong mode, but still full marks for the new Alula

the Alpina pursues its prey

Paul's thinking about flying in a Joe Wurts stylie, but takes
some advice from the old master instead

16 July 2009

slack southerly

It's all jolly southerly, at times the wind follows the path of the path, quartering the hillside nicely. Oh well, we can sit and chew the cud, but seeing as we've bunked off work we may as well head over to Bald Nob and get some stick time in....

the senior sect decide to stay put

Easy Star comes in for a hard arrival and spills its guts
in the style of Mr Potato Head

Gary untucks his work shirt and doths a cap in an attempt to throw passers by off the scent

here his mouth forms the exact same shape as the Hyper's pod
just incase he fudges the hand catch

yup, smart casual...no bunking off going down over here

crossing the gap

checking us out

nonchalantly does it!
after all, how's he to know we've not booked this afternoon off

Mick wonders if anyone else is up for a bit of bare back rodeo

13 July 2009

slope, skua and smoke

note that the smoke flare used did not pose a fire risk

summery sunday

just look at that sky!

Skua offered up for entertainment

launch technique
Rob photo

how it should be done (handware in honour of the late Mr Jackson)
Rob photo

a splendid evening too

12 July 2009

Holly Hill

It's come to the fore that there's a risk of Holly Hill being in radio overlap with a recently formed local flying club.

The members of the club have said they'll try to stick with even numbered frequencies on 35meg, so if you're flying at Holly then please use odd numbers only or 2.4 sets.

Thanks for your consideration.

11 July 2009

grey but good

A jolly decent Saturday, it's a bit grey and some may say the lift is questionable but Goodwind thinks it good enough, so god bless slope soaring and all who partake in her!

the colour choice of summer's slope side chic

well......it's nearly 4 meters

a less senior moment for Alan

Gary- 'look there, behind that third cloud to the right is the meaning of life'
the others- 'ahhhh! now I am completeness, contentment and utter fulfillment!'
Ray- 'arse!'

milliseconds before going for a burton

why bother setting it up at home when you can fiddle
for hours on a cold, wet and windy hill side!

and after several millennia the egg did burst open
and out of it was born a creature endowed with
great skills of slope hunting, hat wearing and some other stuff too!

here's the symbiotic organism barrijim

'down a bit' thinks Jim
'right you are' thinks Barry

Simon kneels in praise of gyno-urinary infections

hmmmm nice fin to fuz junction Mr Smack

'go that way Candida!'

04 July 2009

friday-1 saturday-0

Friday's jolly lovely, Saturday afternoon has the devil up it, and the air is rougher than a wet look Pat Butcher.

ahhh! lovely, lovely Friday

after an arrester fence arrival, Duke
gives up on the Pile-o-toss

Rob delivers a healthy load into his incontinence pants....

.... only to blame stench on Steve

some real men show us how it should be done

the Algebra draws a quick worship from Simon

John gets the bit between his teeth and gives the Ventus a go
(factory set tail angle)